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Longs Peak Tidbits

Quick Facts

Highest Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park and the only peak in the park exceeding 14,000 ft at 14,255 ft. (4,345 meters)

Park officials estimate that 15,000 people try to reach the 14,255-foot summit of Longs Peak each year and that about 9,000 are successful.

This year alone (2000) to date (Sep. 5), 3 people have died on Longs Peak. There have been 55 fatalities on Longs since 1887.

First recorded climb was in 1868 by John Wesley Powell and party, but certainly climbed earlier by natives.

Best climbing months are June - September.


RMNP Tidbits

     Quick Facts

  • Over 355 miles of trails.

  • Has the highest continuous highway in the country.

  • Has over 110 peaks over 10,000 ft.

  • Over 60 peaks exceeding 12,000 ft.

  • 415 Square miles

  • Over 100 square miles above tree line

  • Straddles the Continental Divide

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